What did you do on spring break?

Some of us got to go to Red Rock Bible Camp!

The spring break serving retreat for Gr. 8 students is now going to be called “RADI8ERS” [Radiating God’s love as we serve]. We were 4 leaders and 10 students this year. We went to Red Rock from Monday through Wednesday [March27-29, 2017]. The students had a good work ethic and there was a positive tone to the whole event. We worked hard cleaning the cabins, chapel and main lodge. We also helped convert the camp from winter activities to spring facilities.

We had some great times of fun and connection. We were able to hike across the lake to Turtle Island and then on to the rock jumping spot called Crevice. We played games and had lots of laughter. Spiritually, we introduced the students to a retreat of silence, doing a simple exercise Monday night and a full hour retreat on Tuesday. I loved hearing the students share about what God said to them after they had quieted down with their bible and notebook.

We also took some time to talk about the coming transition from middle school into high school. It’s good to know you are not alone and that others have gone before and survived and thrived! We over viewed what we do at Emmanuel as a Sr High group and we encouraged the students to maintain a close relationship with their families throughout high school.

A big shout out to the Grade 8 students that were able to come this year and thanks a billion to Maddy, Kristi and Noah for being our leaders!

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