On Sunday, June 11, our Sr High Chicago team had an evening together preparing for our upcoming serving outreach to Chicago.

We did some team building, reviewed some material on stereotypes, studied what it means to be a servant, we began our team covenant that will outline how we will treat others on the trip and we spent some time praying together.

This trip is offered every two years. Our group has serving others as a value. We express this value locally in Steinbach by serving at MCC, visiting care homes, doing yard work and prayer tours. We also serve in Winnipeg several times a year at Inner City Youth Alive.

There are 18 students and 6 leaders planning to serve in Chicago. Our trip dates are July 8-17. Please donate through the church website or use an envelope. We would value your prayer as we prepare for this adventure and while we are in the inner city.


Team building activities!