Congratulations High School Graduates!

On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, graduates, parents and youthleaders met at The Old Spaghetti Factory at the Forks. It’s a big moment for the grads and parents alike. (Whether you could make it to the supper or not, as a church family, we want you to know we are celebrating your achievement!)

For grads, it is the beginning of a transition into the full responsibilities and opportunities of adulthood. For parents, having a child graduate signals a completion of a phase of their relationship with their child while continuing on into the future as family. We celebrate this important milestone to recognize how far our young people have come and to let them know we believe in them and want them to follow Jesus fully in their lives moving forward.

Grads, we would love to see you continue being active in the life of the church wherever your future takes you! Join the young adults community and/or find out how you can get involved in using your time and gifts to serve.

Congratulations Grads of 2017!