I will admit to being a techie. I like “tech stuff.” Consequently, I have something on my wrist that barely qualifies as a watch. Oh, it does keep time. And if I push the right buttons it will even show me what the time is (which is important to someone who is time-obsessed, but that is a discussion for another blog). My watch does so much more than just keep time. It sends me news, texts, emails, is my alarm clock, and it tries to be my conscience. Not in all areas, thankfully, but in terms of my physical fitness. That means it tracks my heart rate, my steps, and more. And it tells me when it is time to move! When it figures I have sat too long it beeps and vibrates to get my attention, and tells me to get moving.  

Moving is important. Moving physically is a sign of health, it is also a builder of health. When we don’t move it leads to trouble. When we can’t move it is a sign that something is terribly wrong. So, my watch is good for me, it is my physical movement conscience. It reminds me to get up, to walk, to exercise, to move.  

Movement is as important spiritually as it is physically. God, through Peter, told us that we are to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour. In Ephesians, we are told that part of the purpose of the Body of Christ is to grow to become in every respect the mature body of Him who is the head, that is Christ. It is so important in our spiritual living that we are growing. That growth is movement, forward movement. The direction of our movement is critical!    

I sometimes wonder if God’s people were asked how we have moved in the past year what our answer would be. Is there anything in your life that has moved forward? Anything that has changed for the better? Some of us would proudly answer yes, but if the truth were made known we would have to admit that we didn’t move as a result of intentional strategic effort, we only moved because we were pushed into by circumstances or by others.   

As a church (which by the way is not simply an organization but the community of God’s people) we are about to embark on a new season of ministry. Programs of all kinds will be starting up soon. The challenge of balancing demands of school, work, church, and family will shift from summer slowdown to fall frenzy. During the demands that will come, what are you doing to INTENTIONALLY move forward in your walk with God during this next year? Have you asked God what needs to change in your life? What needs to grow?  What needs to start? What needs to stop? What steps will you take to move, to protect and enhance your spiritual health?

The church is here to help with that. Our greatest desire is to help people move along a spiritual pathway, to intentionally grow from people who are exploring faith into people who are growing in Christ, and even more so people who are centering their lives on Christ. As a church, we are increasingly shaping our efforts toward helping each one of us move forward on such a journey. We look forward to helping with that, but ultimately it will be up to you. If you are not willing to move, not willing to be intentional in growing and investing in your spiritual health, I am convinced you will find it beginning to deteriorate, dry up, and atrophy. This is what happens when we don’t move.  

So friends, it is time to move. My spiritual watch tells me so. I hope yours does too. And I hope you respond.