On March 19th the Jr High experienced an Easter Worship Night based around 17 stations spread out between the Shack, the Chapel and one room upstairs. Each station featured a task, activity or truth to reflect on related to Jesus and us growing as disciples.
We did this event to prepare us for the Easter weekend coming up. It was a chance for us to expand our understanding and experience of worship. A cool tie-in for some of us was the Jr High Sunday School lesson the day before because it had been all about worship!
Sometimes people think worship is just music for God. It’s so much more! Worship is our response to who God is and what He has done for us. It should affect our whole life! We had a variety of stations to explore some ideas about Jesus and to strengthen our connection with Him. Students and leaders were given a map with all the stations and we had free time to go to whichever station we wanted to try.
Some enjoyed the chance to sit and read the Easter story from the gospels. Some stations featured praise and prayer requests written on whiteboards or on wood with sharpies.
There was a globe in one place to pray for the world. Another station allowed us to set a goal for our next steps as a disciple of Jesus. There was a place to light a candle reminding us that Jesus is present with us.
One station featured a photo exposure shot that allowed students to write a letter or word with light! The pictures will be put together with music for a future youth night.
The ringing of nails being hammered through paper into wood added sharp contrast to the gentle background worship music. At the cross station, we practiced confession as we wrote down a sin on a card, folded it and hammered it into the wood, reminding ourselves and thanking Jesus for the forgiveness of all our sin. I sat there for a while because I wanted to explain the station and also remind the students that confessing sin regularly is a normal part of the Christian life, not just a one-time thing we do when we first start following Jesus.
We enjoyed yummy snacks provided by parents after! Thanks to all parents who provide snacks!
During spring break, why not take some time as a family to make a couple of worship stations? It could be a cool way for you to have some Jesus conversations leading up to the Easter weekend.
There will be no Monday night event on March 26. Regular events resume April 2.