Did your parents do anything right?

I bought a book, at one of those clearance sales that bookstores have every so often, called What My Parents Did Right. In it, Gloria Gaither – yes, the singing one – relates the stories of 50 people who share their insights on what their parents did right. It’s a nice positive slant on the parenting game, which as many of you know, doesn’t always feel that positive. Think about it, what did your parents do right?

My folks are Peter and Ruby. I appreciated my parents’ joy in the Lord, their warmth towards me as their son, and all their support and encouragement over the years.

I recently had the invitation to do a presentation at the Men’s Ministry Team’s bi-monthly moMENtum event. They asked if I could bring a son or two along and speak together to the group of men, conversation-style, about our family relationships.

What could go wrong?

It pretty much became a train wreck. Just kidding. Actually, it was a good event and the talk went okay. Two of my sons – ages, 21 and 18 – shared some things they appreciated about me as a dad, what was helpful and forming for them in our relationship. Having said that, it was a bit discouraging to reflect with my boys on some of the things I could have been more intentional about as they grew up. We also talked about how other men have influenced us growing up, but that’s for another post sometime.

How about you? What did your parents do right? I know for some it can be painful to reflect on these things, but I challenge you to identify a few things that your mom and dad did well. Here’s an additional challenge: if you can, take a moment and thank a parent for something they did right as they raised you. Make a call, tell them in person, shoot a text or an email right now!

We regularly get reminded of the challenges of parenting and the mistakes we make with our kids. We can become fearful, passive, and defeated. To compact this, sharing positive insights about what has gone right in the past or is going well now is a great habit! Think about and talk about what is going right and admit areas that we need to grow in. It helps us as parents see how we can be intentional in raising our kids.

Keep up the good work and maybe Gloria Gaither will feature you in the sequel to “What My Parent’s Did Right.”

What did your parents do right?