The Game Scattergories Can Teach Kids (and Parents!) to be Thankful

The game Scattergories is a fun, funny and tense family game. For each round, there is a card with 12 categories listed. Players must write a word that matches each category. A multi-sided die, with a different letter on each side, is used to select a letter for that round. When the letter is rolled, players must write down an item that starts with that letter that also matches one of the 12 categories on the list. The game is made more intense by an annoying timer that clicks away in the background while you try to think of words that match the letter and the category.

I can see I’ve lost some of you.

Example: If the category was “kinds of sandwiches” and you rolled in H you could write “HAM” as your answer for that category.

In the Bible, we are instructed to be thankful in every situation. In fact, it’s God‘s will that we are thankful all the time.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV

Scattergories can help teach this important lesson to your children and remind you, as a parent, of the importance of being thankful.

You don’t need the actual board game to play! Give your child a category like, “things that you’re thankful for today,” at bedtime, after a meal, or while you’re going on a drive together. Pick a random letter and ask your child to think of a few things that start with that letter. After you’re all out of ideas, change the letter and think of a few things that start with that letter. If you have more time and you’re ambitious, you could start with the letter A and go through the whole alphabet, saying things that you are actually thankful for.

Everyone who has played Scattergories has said, “I didn’t get anything for that one,” on a particularly rough round. You have the letter Y and the category is cartoon characters and for some reason, you couldn’t think of Yogi Bear or Yo Gabba Gabba!

We all have moments when we seem to blank out when it comes to being thankful. Practice expressing thanks with your children and your family will benefit! Plus you will be doing God’s will!

Let me know if you try it!