Why leadership?
In God’s economy, one of the most critical roles in a church is leadership. I have written previously on our blog about that exact topic.

It is the leaders of the church that determine the health of a church. They initiate and embed the culture, they determine the direction and design the methodologies for accomplishing the mission the Lord has given us. God holds leaders responsible for the spiritual health of a congregation. Leadership brings with it great responsibility and great joy.

Who can be a leader?
The Holy Spirit hasn’t given everyone the gift of leadership. Usually, this is a very small percentage of the congregation of a church. But you do not have to have the gift of leadership to be a leader. If only the people with the gift of leadership were leaders, it would be a very small church with not too many ministries. Emmanuel has many people serving in ministry leadership roles that do not necessarily have the gift of leadership but do a good job leading. That is true at every level.

Best practices and good leadership behaviours can be learned. And no matter what level of leadership one finds themselves in, everyone has room to improve. At Emmanuel, we want to raise the bar on leadership. We know that in God’s economy the quality of the ministry is directly related to the quality of the leadership.

With the goal of increasing the number of leaders and the quality of how we do leadership, a leadership workshop is coming soon. It is open to all leaders and anyone interested in being a leader at Emmanuel. If you are interested in leadership, the upcoming Leadership Workshop will help equip you and get the ball rolling toward unleashing your potential. Even if you are not sure, take the workshop, it will help you decide of leadership is for you.

Leadership at Emmanuel
Those who are ministry leaders, this workshop is for you too. If you are a great leader already, then your input at the workshop is most welcome. Of course, good leaders are leaders who continue to grow and look for opportunities to expand their capacity. This workshop will help you do that as well.

At Emmanuel, we want to practice leadership that fits us. While we pursue best practices and biblical principles in our leadership, we also want to practice contextual leadership. Every church is different, we are unique as a church, and the way we express leadership here is unique to us as well.

What you can expect at the workshop
Fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Interaction with the presenter and others. Comradery with other leaders and potential leaders. A renewed excitement for serving Jesus in leadership at Emmanuel.

What the workshop covers
1. What the Bible says about leadership.
2. What Emmanuel requires of its leaders.
3. The environment in which we express our leadership.
4. Opportunities for mentorship

Join us! Look for more details shortly.